a lot can happen in three days



full moon transmission.

the last few days, i’ve seen a lot.


three days.

solstice. start.

Break up. Shift.

drive until you find the rift

Road trip Drive Time

Wine Time Cry Time

Friend Time, My Time

His time. Her time.

Fuzzy Fur Time. 

(yes, i believe i am channeling my twin Theodore

Geisel at this moment……..finally!)

Caramel time Greentime.

Dance Time Screen Time.

Scream and laugh

Wail & Cry


Three Days went

Sailing By…

Document along the way

say what it is you have to say.

Bride Time Groom Time

Wedding Room time.

June flies by so swift

so fast, at times i

think it hardly lasts.

Duck pond, Bison

“Just get wise, son.”

Did i mention caramel?


I’m going to Hell.


Start scandal.

lights in the sky

kids in the lot

Pines waving by.

Panic and run, or

face it and stay.

Either way

All things

Must go Away.

Road trip, one slip,

Leave where you’re at

Dust becomes heart ache

Thin becomes Fat

Family Ties, More Wet Eyes.




Gather round.

Joyful people

Make some sound.

Ring out, sing out

notes are clear

guitar strings tickle every ear.

Find your Place

Make it last.

It all goes by so swift so fast.

Start some sprouts

break a hip

read a poem

because its hip

watch some kids

take a dip

dance a jig

just dont slip

mechanically separated 

chicken like stuff

cant even cut it

its so tough

gifts and flowers

awkward type love

finding sometimes

time’s a glove.

almost home.

hawks falling down



from the sky

head tilted upward

wide open eye


I wrote a song today


Hold me mama
Rock me mama
I’m safe and warm when you’re near
Hold me mama
Rock me mama
You have loved me all through the years
When I was young and unafraid, you were there
Strong hands and wisdom
Gentle touch on my hair
Now I’ve grown, and am so tired
Can’t hold my head up high
I want to be back in your arms
With your sweet lullaby
Hold me mama
Rock me mama
I need to know that you’re here
Hold me mama
Rock me mama
Tell me I am your dear
I’ve seen darkness on this road
Sunrises and sunsets
Now tell me its not true,
Tell me this isn’t all we get.
Still searching for the light,
I know its round the bend
But each time I think I’ve found it,
It flickers out again.
Hold me mama
Rock me mama
Take away all my fear
Hold me mama
Rock me mama
I am safe and sound with you near
So hold me in your arms,
Tell me everything’s allright
I’m wishing for my homecoming
Closer every night.
Hold me mama
Rock me mama
I have loved you all of these years
Hold me mama
Rock me mama
Wipe away all my tears.

Becoming the rock, part II

And so, I become the rock again.

This time to let the rain erode me

To let the water roll off my back

Ceasing resistance, becoming solid.


Neither chisel nor chain will affect me.

No more seeking to be centered,

Finding a center within my self

Abandoning skin for stone.




Having hardened myself, I have forgotten to feel even the pain.

Thinking myself more powerful than emotion,

I have become the rock.

Rain washing over, again & again-wearing away at me.

Won’t the lightening come and strike me open?

I want the jewels to shine, but too stuck to soften the shell.

Afraid of passing on the indifference.

Learning I’ve been the absent father all along, now

Learning that as a mother, a rock is insufficient.

How to let them in? How to feel without breaking.

Is there a way without becoming broken?

Too much pain with feeling, so I ignore, shut the door.

Still wanting more. For them. For us all.

Trying to find acceptance. Of self. Through them &

For them. Can’t bear to create pain, yet not

Strong Enough to stop the Rock from hurling itself

Through anything that would break.

Sound. Sky opening up, but never breaking through

The Barriers.

Unbearable guilt for past, present & future.

Where to find Refuge? Refuge in the good company

created by attachment? Learning to love freely,

Deeply, Earnestly-with others first and without

Fists. Fits of Rage drive Refuge Away.

Desperately wanting some help.

Too hard to help myself.

Breaking. Apart. Irreparable.

And aware of it the whole time.

The Greatest Mistake of All!


*Written Winter 2010, SR Atchley

I am Beautiful

I am beautiful.

I am beautiful because of the way I carry myself. My presence. My energy is beautiful. And my eyes and my lips. I am beautiful because of my compassion for everyone and everything.


I am resilient.

I am resilient because I have to be. I demonstrate undying resolve and perseverance. I show up each and every day. Even on the bad days, the tough days. The crying and wailing out loud days.


I am brilliant.

I am a brilliant shining star set high up in the sky for all to see. I will shine my light on the darkest nights and guide the traveler’s way. I am combustible, burning for eons from my own inner fuel.


I am amazing.

I am an amazing woman. An amazing mother, sister, daughter. An amazing lover. I amaze myself with my own magic and use of power for good and right.


I am lovely.

I am reflective of love. I show it, give it, grow it. And love never dies. Despite death. Despite loss. Despite misguided efforts and misunderstandings.

Love never dies.
I am beautiful because I know this.


~SR Atchley, Originally published on Rebelle Society


The Woodpecker Returns

Fiery crown belies your status as

Outlaw King.

Rapping out the rhythm on metal instead of wood

Never one for tradition.

Stacatto message-

Wake Up!

Wake up, life remains.

Wake up, rain comes

to feed the soil and soul.

Perched above the window

Hammering  out delusions of return

from lost lands to empty hands.

How to return?

Rebirth as a bird, remnant of violence and rage

from great reptiles, annihilated.

Recycled in the clouds?

Striking bright and bold,

Thundering a point:

The rain was right all along.

Ripples in the puddle-

That’s all.

Realm of the hungry ghosts?

Craving sustenance, yet aware

food and drink won’t fill the gut.

Too starved, even, to haunt.

An Insect? Blessed with six legs.

An Octopus? Our spider of the sea.

Perhaps another chance as

dolphin rising through the ring.

Forgetting the rarity,

Searching again for a ‘me’.

The Woodpecker returns.

Argonite visitor,

Eternal victim to orgone.

Rapping out a futile rhythm-

Because there is no worm.

SR Atchley, 2012

Published on Rebelle Society, 2013

meditation on a sunset

Photo by Robert Sturman
Photo by Robert Sturman

Sit down at dusk

and show me the way.

The moment, the quality of light itself

captured, and bringing with it


Diffuse like autumn,

but with the gel of spring applied

instead, adding the cool pale

of chartreuse to the rose

golden haze.

How well it is, that memory is held

in the light, and shadows.

Between the two.

Sit down at dusk,

and close your eyes to find

the dawn. Wide open to the world,


Coral streaks, condensed

vapor, radiate the sky,

masquerading as clouds.

Bronze underbellies

of the real thing glow at twilight.

Low limbs, already heavy,

dance lithely to birdsong.

Sweet and fragrant it sings,

chirping across the sky

in stereo as it flies,


inciting feline advances.

Neapolitan stripes, pastel

patriotism, grouped sky,

foreshadowed by darkening

silhouettes of ancient wisdom holders.

Wise old trees take notice

of the beauty, and pause…

then resume pleasant waves of

gratitude and greeting as aviary

acrobats dance across the sky,

beginning ascent into the sunset.

Final glow, golden

white light, as the horizon

swallows the sun.

Day is done.

And just Begun.

~SR Atchley originally published on Rebelle Society